We are an innovative company, committed to the satisfaction and success of our customers.
One of our main pillars of growth is the flexibility of our production structure and the constant adaptation of our human resources to the high standards of the international market.

We have the experience and professionalism of a company that has been in the market for more than 20 years, developing and exporting a wide variety of products while also having the passion and enthusiasm for learning and constant improvement of a team of amateur entrepreneurs.

Our best professionals and technicians are constantly training, learning, and introducing changes and improvements into our developments, in order to fully satisfy the wishes of our customers. 

Our entire structure is set up to meet the specific demands of consumers, according to the characteristics of each region, culture and market in the more than 60 countries to which we export our products. 

We have a department dedicated to analysing the regulatory standards that correspond to each of the countries we export to, and this enables us to be up-to- date at all times, adapting our products to the demands of each market.  

By working as, a team with our customers, we create a symbiosis that enables us to constantly grow and innovate, as well as satisfying mutual demands for growth and expansion.



The exquisite flavour and texture that characterises all the products we manufacture and market under our Blue Oceano and Panny brands, as well as the products we develop for our customers brands, arise from the great care we take in selecting the highest quality of raw material on the market. 


The products marketed under our Blue Oceano and Panny brands are our greatest pride and satisfaction. The texture and taste of our exquisite products are the result of more than 20 years of work and dedication, as well as love and passion for what we do. On tasting each of our products, consumers will immediately appreciate the quality and distinctive flavour of a 100% PREMIUM product, made with ingredients exclusively selected from natural sources.


A team highly specialised in identifying the specific needs of our customers is in charge of developing the products following the demands of each market. Our work and continuous improvement has led us to develop products for some of the market’s most prestigious food brands, and we can count among our customers some of the most important retailers, importers and distributors in the world.


Each country we export our products to has its own culture, with an infinite variety of flavours, colours and textures.
Based on the constant exchange of experiences with our customers, we have developed a wide variety of value-added products, some of which are better known internationally and others that are completely new products and therefore an invitation to innovate and explore new sensations and new flavours.

valor agregado products

Quality commitment

Year after year we go through highly demanding and exhaustive quality audits carried out not only by the local health authorities in Thailand, but also by the most prestigious Certification bodies worldwide.

Our products and services are guaranteed and certified by the most important International Quality Certificates in the food trade industry, such as BRC Grade A (British Retail Consortium), IFS (International Food Standard Certificate), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate), HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), FDA USA (Food and Drug Administration).

Likewise, in fulfilling our commitment to care for the natural resources that support us, through the sustainable development of all our activities, we are members of, and actively participate in, organisations that constantly promote environmental protection and the preservation of our natural resources, such as Dolphin Safe, Friend of the Sea, among others.

Finally, we must also emphasise with great satisfaction and no less pride, that all our products have the validation of the Health Authorities of the more than 60 countries to which we have been exporting our goods for over 20 years.